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Noology is a small independent design consultancy specialized in user experience and visual design, brand identity, technology innovation strategy and design thinking.

Let Us Help You

Our size allows us to be agile, giving us the freedom and equanimity to design with empathy and intention, putting humans at the center of user experience design, innovation and technology.


The Lab

At The Lab we focus on digital experience design. The experience of customer service can make or break a business. The same is true of digital experiences because there one common denominator, the human experience. That's why our design processes begin with diverging in research and understanding before converging to design delightful products and services.


The Studio

At The Studio we develop brands. The key to crafting a memorable brand is simplicity. Logos alone don’t make a brand. What does is the story of your product and service combined with your own unique visual language. We help you bring this story alive, through human and emotional connections. We take the time to understand your design challenge, analyse your market and make sure your brand connects with your consumers.


The Office

Understanding the benefits of technological innovation inside the workplace to increase employee productivity and focus could provide your business with the edge it's been missing. We help identify software solutions to help you do exactly that from enterprise solutions to custom development if necessary.


The Workshop

In a technology-driven economy, rapid innovation and collaboration skills are vital to the success of your business or idea. These principles are essential in design thinking. Our hands-on introductory workshops will lead you through the design thinking process, taught by professionals who live and breathe in this space. Together we'll explore how human-centered design can develop and design innovative solutions for the complex challenges of the future.